Luri Wool Carpet 7'9" x 4'11"

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Sizes are approximate. Photos are not necessarily exact for color.

New rugs are of the highest quality and are handpicked overseas by the Bashir Family.

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A Brief History of the First Origins of Luri Carpets

Luri carpetsLuri carpets, called in Farsi Gabbeh or Gabba have been historically hand-knotted in Iran but now are commonly also made in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Historically, they have been a traditional variety of Persian carpet made by nomadic people in southern-Persia in the Iranian province of Fars. Luri is the the Kurdish name which is also pronounced as "Gava" in Kurdish. Luris are popular among tribes of the Zagros mountains including Kurdish, Luri and Qashqai tribes. Although crude, these rugs appeal to collectors of tribal weavings because of their simplicity and naive charm. This type of rug is usually made up of 100% pure wool and is typically dyed with vegetable dyes. Luris are usually crafted by women. This type of carpet is traditionally far thicker than other types of carpets. In fact, some Luris can reach up to 2.5 cm in thickness. The designs of contemporary Luris date back to the 19th century, demonstrating the respect shown by oriental weavers for part traditions. Luri motifs are usually simple and their fields commonly contain small animals and a few geometric shapes such triangles, diamonds or squares. These days weavers from Pakistan are making Luris too. For example, they are producing natural-dyed, hand-spun Luri rugs in the Balochistan area in Pakistan. The Balochistan province of Pakistan neighbors Iran and shares the persian language/culture. To learn more about iranian rugs, visit our Persian Rugs section.

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