Four Gardens of Mazagan Carpet 11'11" x 8'5"

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Sizes are approximate. Photos are not necessarily exact for color.

New rugs are of the highest quality and are handpicked overseas by the Bashir Family.

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An amalgam of floral motifs is executed in a spectrum of vibrant golden, scarlet, azure, emerald and chartreuse hues on this checkerboard pattern carpet from Afghanistan. The luminous palette of this pure wool rug complements the overall aesthetic. Each one-of-a-kind rug from the Contemporary Collection reinvents traditional patterns and ancient motifs through a contemporary chromatic spectrum. Handmade by master artisans, every carpet is entirely woven from the highest quality wool possible.

Why do we provide you with two global shots of the same carpet?
When you are standing in front of the pile (fine hairs) of this rug it will look a shade darker. However, when you are standing in the opposite direction of its pile, it will look a shade lighter. This is a common occurrence in fine hand-knotted rugs. It is also the reason we are showing you two global pictures of this carpet (one picture for each side depending on where you are standing). This feature is an interesting aspect of a handmade rug. It provides its owner with the opportunity to change up the look of their space just by changing the way the rug is placed in the room.

Materials & Craftsmanship:
This diligently hand-knotted area rug is made of 100% pure lamb’s wool. Wool is a natural material, representing a healthy choice that is environmentally friendly with a long list of benefits. The pile of this wool rug is hygienic and non-allergenic, as the natural pile also deters the growth of bacteria and dust mites. It represents a great choice for asthma sufferers due to its natural filtering ability. The rug feels soft under the foot while remaining wear-resistant and long-lasting. With proper maintenance tailored to its needs, this rug can last over 75 years.

The finishing of this carpet was done using centuries old traditional techniques. Once its laborious hand-knotting was completed, it was rolled and entirely submerged in a sanitizing bath where its fibers fully absorbed all cleaning liquid. After which it was laid flat on the ground where a team of cleaners used wooden oar-like paddles to push the water through its fibers and draw out impurities. Oar strokes were done in sync to prevent the carpet from getting torn. Each stroke tightened the knots even further. No machines were involved in its washing or drying.