In-Home Trials

Bringing Elegance & Sophistication To Your Rooms

A carpet is essential to bringing a room together. Choosing the proper carpet for a room may be a challenge but we are here to assist you as it can create a room that is a treasure. You stack up all the positives. It just feels good to be in the room surrounded by beauty and elegance.

When designing a room a carpet has the ability to complete the intentioned design by accentuating key characteristics that make up the room, such as color and structure. The carpet has the ability to balance color schemes and patterns by bringing the appropriate attention to the furniture. It can have this ability by bringing prominence to items in a room as a neutral background or as a vibrant carpet bring out the positive energy in the room.

With our in-home trial services, you can take rugs home to see how they work with your furniture and decor, before you buy. Evaluate the color, design, fit and feel in the privacy of your home. If it doesn't work, just bring it back.